Bone to Pick (Sunday Brothers Book 5)

December 4, 2023SusyQ918

Bone to Pick (Sunday Brothers Book 5)
Author: May Archer
Average Rating: 4.19
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Never fall for your professor…

Especially when that professor is Theo Hancock, the man who failed you in your final semester, causing you to have to repeat a class in your millionth year of college when you’re already twenty-freaking-six years old…

Especially when the professor is the most stunning, eye-popping piece of perfection who ever walked on campus. So brilliant, his voice alone changed the course of your life. So gorgeous, students affectionately call him Dr. Hotco— Well, you get the idea.

And especially don’t fall for him so hard you show up at his house after midnight fueled with tequila and armed with a sense of justice, a frantic-mad sonnet, and a bone to pick with your professor.

Because you might just end up snowed in with him, his tiny cabin might just have one bed, and fate might have a new future in store for both of you.

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    Bone to Pick (Sunday Brothers Book 5)

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