The Sacred Sins of Father Black

December 4, 2023SusyQ918

The Sacred Sins of Father Black
Author: St John Starling
Average Rating: 4.19
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Father Sebastian Black might be a saint, or he might be the Devil himself. Either way there is nothing simple or innocent about this small town Catholic priest. When the FBI arrives in pursuit of a gang responsible for forged rare wines flooding the auction houses of the world, the walls Father Black has built for himself begin to come tumbling down and all of his secrets laid bare one by one.

Quentin Day is the fastest rising star in the FBI. Brilliant, noble, and charismatic, he’s everything an FBI agent should be, yet his sense of justice puts him constantly at odds with the corrupt system. Isolated from the very people he needs to rely on and sent to a small town many miles out in the desert in pursuit of wine forgers, Quentin is desperate for a gentle touch and friendly smile. When he finds himself irresistibly falling for the local priest, it’s a tragedy for him. After all, priests are off-limits, aren’t they? Or is Father Black more than meets the eye?

Between them are possibilities neither dared to dream of, but with the FBI investigation hurtling towards a conclusion, their slim chance at peace spirals out of control. Secrets are uncovered, the world turned upside down, and Quentin is forced to confront everything he assumed was good and true. Will Quentin be able to get to the bottom of the silver-tongued, mercurial Father Black? Or will what he uncovers be more than he can understand?

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    The Sacred Sins of Father Black

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