Forgive Me (Forgive Me #1)

Forgive Me (Forgive Me #1)

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Forgive Me (Forgive Me #1)

Forgive Me (Forgive Me #1)
Author: Ariana Nash
Average Rating: 4.28
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Father Francis Scott
knows he’s damned, but at twenty-four years old, he has a lifetime to make up for past mistakes. Newly ordained, he’s determined to clean the stain off his soul, one day at a time.

Until an angel walks into his church, asking Francis to take his confession. One look into Vitari (Angel) Angelini’s eyes, and it’s clear, the man is made of sin.

Francis can’t afford any more mistakes. Unfortunately, the world Angel is about to pull Francis into leaves no room for good men, and as Francis is swept into the dark underworld of organized crime, his love of the Church, his broken soul, and all the sins he’s been running from, conspire to break him.

Will the seductive and alluring Vitari Angelini be his savior, or the final bullet in the gun of Francis’s downfall?


has no idea why he’s been sent to England, other than to stakeout a priest for Italy’s most notorious mob boss. He hadn’t expected Father Francis Scott to be so young, or for him to be sinfully hot in his black cassock. He also hadn’t expected the priest’s haunted eyes to be filled with secrets.

But when a rival criminal syndicate get the drop on Angel, almost executing Francis under Angel’s watch, kidnapping the priest seems like the next best option. Now they’re on the run, barely one step ahead of assassins who think nothing of crossing countries and continents to track them.

Why are the Russian and Italian mafia so desperate to get their hands on Father Francis Scott? And why does Angel care?

As they race to stay alive, Angel can’t shake the feeling there’s more to all of this than one not-so-innocent priest. And as the truth of their terrible pasts collide, so do their forbidden desires.

Not all angels have wings. Some have horns. And Father Francis Scott deserves forgiveness, even if it costs Angel everything. Including his life.


Forgive Me is a dark contemporary gay thriller, with potentially disturbing content. More details regarding the content warnings can be found on the author’s website.

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    Forgive Me (Forgive Me #1)

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