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    The Alpha’s Gamble (Mismatched Mates, #7)

    Cut off from his family—and more importantly, the family fortune—Blake Castelli stakes his future on one last throw of the dice: he’ll go to Las Vegas and use his line of credit at the Morrigan casino to replenish his bank account.But the Morrigan’s under new ...

    ContemporaryJuly 6, 2023
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    Alliance (The Triad Series, #1)

    One wedding. Two grooms. Three lovers, preparing to fight for themselves, and their kingdoms. Symon Parador is a prince in name only until the day he’s bartered away to the neighboring kingdom, to marry their queen’s brother, Petur. A mage in a nation full of shifters who...

    DarkJuly 6, 2023
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    The Ringmaster (Black Cat Circus #4)

    The last thing half-fae, half-demon Ringmaster Seven needs is to hold someone captive in his bedroom, no matter how attractive he finds the young man. It’s been ten years since Seven fled the fae courts and found sanctuary in the human realm. He will do anything to protec...

    FantasyJune 15, 2023
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    Fool Me Once (Court of Pain, #1)

    The king of the Court of Love wants me dead, the queen wants me in her bed, and the prince… He wants the only piece of me I will never surrender.They call me jester, dancer, trickster, lover.I exist to entertain.But behind my sideways smiles,...

    DarkJune 15, 2023
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    The Enemy Benefit (Easton Grammar #2)

    JASPERIt’s my final year of high school, I’m school captain and I’m getting perfect grades. My only issue is my tiny little sex problem, but let’s not think about that. Then my grandfather goes officially senile and decides to take a guy named Kie...

    ContemporaryJune 15, 2023
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    Gentle Hands (Paperback)

    Matthew East's boyfriend is quite a bit older, unfairly attractive, maddeningly arrogant, frustratingly distant, and also not really his boyfriend.Working as an escort to put himself through college, Matthew had thought he'd seen it all already. He's proven wr...

    ContemporaryJune 15, 2023
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