The Skate Park

December 13, 2023SusyQ918

The Skate Park
Author: Heath Grayson
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Skater dudes alone in the park at night – sleek hot muscle gliding, grinding, and railing.

This has to be the worst week of my life. Found out my girl cheated on me, got kicked out of my apartment, and now I’m back living with my mom and her dickhead husband. Instead of fighting with them again, I took my old skateboard and snuck out to skate. Sneaking out was easier than it used to be. A lot has changed with me since I lived here, including how I packed on muscle. Not that my deep cut abs or strong chest helped me sneak out, but my big arms, and thick legs did make scaling the roof easier.

The park was closed for the night, but that had never stopped my friends or me before. I hopped on the half-pipe and face-planted. After the week I had, I screamed into the night. I didn’t give one single eff if the people who lived across the park could hear me. Or maybe I did since I almost jumped out of my damn skin when a voice returned my frustrated scream. Walking out of the shadows was Ace, one of my best friends. We hadn’t so much as spoken in at least two years, and I was glad to see him. Maybe one thing about this terrible week might be about to go right.

We had a lot of catching up to do, him more than me since he was the a-hole who moved away. Especially since he looked to have packed on more muscle than I did. I couldn’t help but notice how big his chest and arms looked, like they were ready to rip his tight shirt in half. Even his bubble butt looked more muscular. Ace brought up the last party we went to and how he … helped me out alone in the backyard. The memory stirred things in places I’d rather not mention. I told him how hard it was to get some personal relief being back at home. He knows how bad it sucks to be so backed up, so Ace offered to … help me out again. Any other week I’d tell him he’s being weird and to get the eff outta here with that. But this week? With everything going on, I don’t know if I have the will, or desire, to turn him down.

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    The Skate Park

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