Our Sweet Revenge (Unbreakable Ties, #1)

December 13, 2023SusyQ918

Our Sweet Revenge (Unbreakable Ties, #1)
Author: A.V. Shener
Average Rating: 4.01
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Years have passed since four friends were as close as brothers. With Ethan losing his job, Anthony divorcing his wife, and Jay going to prison, dark times have taken their toll. And then there’s Chris, who’s climbing up the social ladder and hurting those who were once his closest friends.

Determined to get even with the one who abused their trust, a secret plan is set into motion, reuniting the four men in a secluded cabin from their past. With little to hold them back, dark desires surface and threaten to put the final nail in the once unbreakable friendship.

How far will they go to settle old scores?


Content warning:
Please be aware that this is meant for mature audiences. There are graphic depictions of humiliation, violence, off page abuse of a minor, and both consensual and non-consensual sex. Readers, proceed with caution.

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    Our Sweet Revenge (Unbreakable Ties, #1)

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