The Fishermen (Infidelity #2)

January 11, 2024SusyQ918

The Fishermen (Infidelity #2)
Author: C.P. Harris
Average Rating: 4.40
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At the age of twenty-five, Leland Meadows has his whole life mapped out in front of him, with four rules to live by:
No new friends.
No dreams or aspirations.
No repeat hookups.
And definitely no committed relationships.

Leland’s looking for safety, not heartbreak and disappointment. Then one day he receives an offer he can’t turn down. Rent is due, and the catering company his best friend’s sister works for is suddenly one server short for the biggest event of the year. Leland accepts the job—but those rules he’s been so careful to follow? They don’t stand a chance against Franklin Kincaid.

At forty-five, the lie Franklin Kincaid has been living his entire life catches up with him.
His job no longer fulfills him—if it ever had.
His marriage is in crisis.
His heart yearns for something he can’t identify—or maybe he’s just too terrified to admit it.
And his children are clueless about all of it.

On a cold and lonely night, Franklin’s search for courage leads him to a rooftop in downtown Seattle, where he finds Leland Meadows instead.
Neither of them would ever be the same again.

***The Fishermen is a best friend’s dad MM romance and book 2 in the Infidelity series. It ends with a HEA, and can be read as a stand-alone but may be better enjoyed if read in series order. Themes include age-gap, possessiveness, hurt/comfort, and second chances. Both MCs are consenting adults. Please use the “Look Inside” feature for a full list of content warnings.

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    The Fishermen (Infidelity #2)

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