Hair Balls (Balls to the Wall, #8)

January 12, 2024SusyQ918
Hair Balls (Balls to the Wall, #8)

Hair Balls (Balls to the Wall, #8)
Author: Tara Lain
Average Rating: 4.24
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What happens when a blue-collar dude who hides behind his Sasquatch hair gets sheared by a toppy femme in pink lace bikini panties?

Contractor, Rick Ronconi can’t admit what he really wants because it’ll lose him his job, his father, his few friends, and maybe even the one thing he really cares about—his sister, Alice.

But for Alice’s wedding, he agrees to get his overgrown hair and beard cut at a ritzy Laguna Beach salon.

Hello, secret femme kink!

Stylist, Jimothy Castlemane doesn’t pretend to be anything he’s not. He doesn’t yearn for straight guys, and he does not—repeat, does not—date guys who are in the closet.

But a simple after-hours haircut uncovers more than Rick’s face—and Rick finds everything he’s dreamed of on the floor of Jimothy’s hair salon.

Immovable object, meet irresistible force. This is one colossal hair ball!

HAIR BALLS is an opposites-attract, coming out, toppy flamboyant femme vs tough blue-collar pretender, MM romance—with a lot of cats.

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    Hair Balls (Balls to the Wall, #8)

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