Taken by the Titan

December 23, 2023SusyQ918

Taken by the Titan
Author: Morrigan Black
Average Rating: 3.26
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***This story has been reedited to fix plot and other errors.

When I stole from the titan prince, I didn’t expect him to steal me.

In a world ruled by titans, I never imagined I’d cross paths with their prince – or that he’d claim me as his fated mate.

Centuries after the titans destroyed our world, they rule over humanity with an iron fist. When my friend is taken as payment for my crime, I volunteer to take his place. I expect to be enslaved or worse. What I don’t expect is for Thorsten, the titan prince, to spring a trap to capture me and claim me as his mate.

His silver eyes devour me as his hands explore every inch of my body. With one touch he ignites a furious longing inside me. But how can I desire the son of the creatures driving humanity into extinction?

Torn between my duty to my friends and my traitorous attraction to Thorsten, I must find a way to escape before he destroys what little humanity I have left.

Can I steal my freedom without losing my heart? Or will I forsake all to be with the sinister prince who claims to love me?

***This story is a dark romance with Mpreg at the end along with an HEA.

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    Taken by the Titan

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