My Three Roommates

December 23, 2023SusyQ918

My Three Roommates
Author: Bianca Vix
Average Rating: 3.29
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This is not the life I wanted.

Leaving Manhattan for the suburbs was never in my plans. Moving in with my boyfriend doesn’t even take the sting out of giving up the city I love.

Adding in two surprise roommates to our new home isn’t helping either. All of us were supposed to be past that stage of life. My goal was marriage. I was convinced Brad and I were on that track.

Instead our best friends are giving both of us all kinds of other options. After being with three guys, I don’t want to go back to a regular kind of life. No matter who tries to break us up.

My Three Roommates is a standalone mmmf why choose romance with MM. HEA ending, no cliffhangers!

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    My Three Roommates

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