Pack Master (Vampire Kings #3)

December 23, 2023SusyQ918

Pack Master (Vampire Kings #3)
Author: Loki Renard
Average Rating: 3.98
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It takes a wolf to break a wolf.
(And to humble a vampire prince.)
Pack master Henry Riker has his hands full with the men of the house of Maddox.

Will has the world’s worst craving.
He can try to fight it.
He can try to control it.
He will fail.

William’s hunger is everything.
To fulfill it, he will stop at nothing.
He will sacrifice anything.
Master will become jailer.
Family will become enemy.
Love will be just another useless thing he cannot consume.

But Maddox has no intention of giving up on his boy.
Every good king knows when to recruit new generals.
Enter the pack master, the very last of his kind still presiding over a functioning werewolf pack.
William is about to learn some manners, wolf style.

If that weren’t enough work for one wolf, it soon becomes apparent that Will is not the only troublemaker who needs handling.
Lorien also catches the pack master’s attention.
And perhaps even his affection.
But the arrogant vampire prince must first be humbled if he is to be loved.

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    Pack Master (Vampire Kings #3)

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