Mating Maddox

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Mating Maddox
Author: D.J. Heart
Average Rating: 3.68
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On his first day of kindergarten, Maddox shared his crayons with a young werewolf and gained a best friend for life. Fiercely loyal, kind, and always up for a good time, Vidarr is a cinnamon bun and Maddox would do anything to protect him.

Vidarr’s older brother, Thor, on the other hand, Maddox would gladly push into a sinkhole. Where Vidarr is happy, good-natured, and kind, Thor is a brutish bully who’s hated Maddox since the day they lay eyes on each other.

The feeling is almost mutual.

Thor, with his big muscles, leather jackets, and thighs that could crush boulders, is the worst person Maddox knows, and Maddox would rather eat sand than admit that the highlight of his week is when they inevitably get into a fight and Thor puts him in a headlock.

It’s purely physical, Maddox tries to convince himself. Thor is the pinnacle of a werewolf alpha–with his chiseled features, dominant attitude, and tendency to manhandle people into submission–and anyone with eyes would be attracted to him.


It’s not like Maddox has a crush or anything.

Sometimes, Thor looks at the person the universe chose to be his mate and wonders what he did to deserve that. Maddox is obnoxiously loud, he dresses like a color-blind frat boy, and worst of all, he’s completely immune to the charm that makes everyone else fall over themselves to please him and make Thor’s life easy.

It’s infuriating.

Thor knows that bickering with Maddox and antagonizing him is not the way to get his mate to like him, but he can’t help himself. They’ve fallen into a pattern, and Thor doesn’t know how to get out of it.

Maddox being asked on a date by a meathead jock who absolutely does not deserve him is the kick in the butt Thor needs to act. Faced with the realization that his mate could slip through his fingers, Thor realizes that unless he’s willing to risk losing Maddox forever, he has to make a move.

It’s easier said than done.

(This 115k word steamy paranormal romance features a dominant werewolf and a bratty human who are destined to live happily ever after. The story contains bondage, leather kink, sensory deprivation, sounding, enema play, watersports, and spanking. It has a happy ending and no cliffhanger.)

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    Mating Maddox

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