Hired Help (Kingswood Prep #4) (Kingswood Queens, #2)

October 26, 2023SusyQ918

Hired Help (Kingswood Prep #4) (Kingswood Queens, #2)
Author: Layla Simon
Average Rating: 4.09
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My ex-boyfriend’s dad is an escort… and I’ve hired him for prom.

Since dumping me midway through summer break, Harrison Powell has made my days at Kingswood College a living hell. I’ve tried to ignore him, but when he humiliates me before the entire senior year, I’m too enraged to let him have the last laugh.

Luckily, I know a family secret my ex would rather keep hidden. Harrison’s estranged father is a working man—yes, that type of working man—so I put my exorbitant trust fund to good use by hiring him for one special night.

One night to flaunt myself before the boy who’s teased me, mocked me, scorned me. One night of enjoyment in the arms of his insanely good-looking dad. Add a few well-timed jokes about becoming Harrison’s new stepmother, and my thirst for vengeance will be satisfied.

The evening should be a balm to my injured soul, retribution for everything Harrison’s put me through, a glorious act of revenge.

A pity that nothing goes as planned.

This is a standalone bully age-gap romance and contains graphic scenes, mature content, and elements that may be triggering. Please read at your discretion and check the warning in the preface of the book.

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    Hired Help (Kingswood Prep #4) (Kingswood Queens, #2)

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