A Game of Masks (Talons and Tethers, #2)

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A Game of Masks (Talons and Tethers, #2)
Author: Eliza Eveland
Average Rating: 4.29
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An elvish assassin desperate for atonement.
A woman in search of purpose.
A battle-ravaged city engaged in a deadly shadow war.

Mercia Trevisa has always been happy to fade into the background. She’s a helper, not a fighter. Ever since the Crows have settled in Brucia, Mercia has struggled to find her place in Eris’s new court. Worse, a deadly encounter during the siege haunts her nightmares and drives her to seek dangerous distractions, if only to make it through the night.

When an assassin nearly claims the queen’s life, however, Mercia volunteers to help the Crows’ spymaster, Aryn Velanna, with a plot to trap the assassin once and for all. Under his tutelage, Mercia has ninety days to become a convincing double for Eris. One misstep and Mercia could thrust Brucia into another deadly war.

Aryn’s harsh training means he will accept nothing less than perfection, and Mercia would rather swallow hot coals than spend a minute alone with him. But a temper isn’t the only thing that Aryn sparks in Mercia. No man in Brucia is more deadly, or more perilous to grow attached to than the elven spymaster. As the undeniable attraction—and friction—grows between them, Mercia finds herself a target in a deadly shadow between two groups of foreign assassins.

Mercia and Aryn must find some common ground, or Brucia’s days as a free city are numbered.

A Game of Masks is an enemies to lovers romance. Prepare to watch sparks fly off the page as these two strong-willed heroes vie for the upper hand, both against each other and their enemies.

A full list of CW/TW is available on the author’s website.

NOTE: This series contains four separate romances that follow a new couple in each book to tell a complete story. Ruith and his Crow commanders have varying and diverse tastes when it comes to romance, but all of them enjoy plenty of spice, so grab your copy and prepare to meet your next book boyfriend(s)!

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    A Game of Masks (Talons and Tethers, #2)

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