Frat Bro (Fixer Brothers Construction Co. #3)

October 8, 2023SusyQ918

Frat Bro (Fixer Brothers Construction Co. #3)
Author: Raleigh Ruebins
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This fall, I have one simple rule: don’t fall in love with my fake boyfriend.
I’m awful at following the rules.

One minute I was a nobody in a small Colorado town, getting by on contract work, home renovations, and a dumpster fire of a dating life—and then suddenly, my life was on TV. Fixer Brothers Construction is getting its own home renovation TV show, and I’m on camera, giving the film crew an all-access pass to my life.

The kicker: fans think I’m sleeping with Jax, my favorite, hotter-than-hell frat boy bartender at the brewery. He’s young, straight, and just a friend. But rumors spread like wildfire. Now I’m faking it with Jax, 24/7—and we don’t leave much to the imagination when we’re in front of a camera.

The fans want what they want, right?

And I want things, too. Every kiss was fake until the one that definitely wasn’t, on a night too scorching for TV. Jax has helped me through the worst time in my life as a friend, and I never let myself wish for more. But I’m only human, and when we’re together, it’s fire.

I’m addicted. And I know I’m going to get hurt. But behind closed doors, it feels so real.

And I’m desperate to know what makes this frat boy tick.

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    Frat Bro (Fixer Brothers Construction Co. #3)

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