Edged (Trophy Doms Social Club, #2)

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Edged (Trophy Doms Social Club, #2)

Edged (Trophy Doms Social Club, #2)
Author: Kate Hawthorne
Average Rating: 5.00
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Money can’t buy happiness, and I should know. I have 8 figures in my bank account and it’s still not enough to get me back to the only man I’ve ever loved.

I can count my regrets on one hand, and they all have to do with the same person…my childhood best friend, Owen Murray. There’s not much I can do to make right all the hurt I caused at nineteen, but living a decadent and hedonistic lifestyle where I don’t even give myself the opportunity to make those kinds of mistakes again is a good enough start. I have great friends who love me, even if they don’t know the truth about what kind of man I used to be.

But when Owen shows up in Los Angeles—at Rapture, no less—ten years after I last saw him, that’s all about to change.

* * *
Archie Davidson didn’t just break my heart, he also ruined my life.

Los Angeles is a big city, so when I’m out on the west coast scouting locations for my older sister’s wedding, the last thing I had expected from the trip was to run head first into a man I’d spent ten years trying to forget. Archie is as handsome as he’s ever been, but far bolder and more dominant than I remember. The chemistry between us sparks like wildfire and while it’s impossible for me to tell him no, it’s still the favorite word I love to hear come out of his gorgeous, lying mouth.

One encounter turns into one night, turns into one weekend, and then it’s more than just a quick little fling for us to get some hate and regret out of our system. Archie has worked his way under my skin and is asking for more, but there’s too much history between us for yes to come easily. And why should it? I’ve always like it best when he denies me what I want the most.

But this time it’s different. This time it’s real, and we’re about to find out if there’s any chance of going back or if we’ve finally taken each other too close to the edge.

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    Edged (Trophy Doms Social Club, #2)

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