Exiled Heir (The Empty Throne Trilogy, #1)

November 25, 2023SusyQ918

Exiled Heir (The Empty Throne Trilogy, #1)
Author: Kai Butler
Average Rating: 4.30
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Without him, I’m a dead man, but if he knew who I was, he would kill me himself. Miles Castillo has spent his entire life running from the crime his parents committed. He’s an alpha without a pack, and a son whose very name is poisoned. When two werewolf hunters catch him, he has to choose between a man who wants his head mounted on a wall and Cade Bartlett, the mage prince who doesn’t realize who Miles is. The icy prince has a job for Miles, one that will keep Miles’s head on his become Prince Cade’s consort and find out who is trying to kill him. As Miles delves deeper into Cade’s court, he begins seeing the truth beneath Cade’s chilly exterior. The more the prince trusts him, the closer he gets to seeing under Miles’s mask as well. What will happen when Cade realizes the secret Miles holds puts both of their lives at risk?

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    Exiled Heir (The Empty Throne Trilogy, #1)

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