Alpha’s Touch (Claimed #2)

November 25, 2023SusyQ918

Alpha’s Touch (Claimed #2)
Author: Shannon West
Average Rating: 3.83
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Darcy Vandergriff is an omega, whose aunt raised him to believe he can be more than just an Alpha’s plaything. When he comes into heat for the first time, she takes him to a frightening, infamous dark witch, who gives him a potion to suppress it forever by taking just a few drops every day. She warns him, though, to “beware of the one they call the beast, for he will kill you if he can. Only the noble warrior has the power to save you, but he will bring about your fate.”

Craving adventure, Darcy joins the King’s army, posing as a beta soldier, but that’s when the trouble truly starts. One of his trainers is a strong, handsome Alpha named Wyatt, cousin and packmate of two powerful kings. Darcy’s immediate, overwhelming attraction to him threatens to expose his omega nature.

When danger threatens in the form of a mysterious enemy, Darcy remembers the deadly part of the witch’s warning. Finding his happy ever after will take unbridled courage, a daring rescue and a dazzling realization that sometimes you find the thing you were wishing for so desperately was the wrong thing all along.

Trigger this is an omegaverse, with strong, dominant Alphas, forced relationships, knotting, possessive Alphas, omega heat but no dubcon, and no multiple partners. Some short scenes of domestic type violence, not involving the main characters.

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    Alpha’s Touch (Claimed #2)

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