You Will Never Know (A Whisper in the Dark #1)

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You Will Never Know (A Whisper in the Dark, #1)
Author: Chani Lynn Feener
Average Rating: 4.06
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Hunter Thorn is on the run, living daily in fear of discovery and retaliation from the mafia leaders he once betrayed.

Sanctum is a planet practically cut off from the rest of the galaxy, where ruthless people who can control the elements rule. The Emperor has turned his back on the people, more interested in lining his pockets than waging war against the Brumal mafia. Hunter once worked for the Snow family, but a threat against his sister forced him to choose a side, and in the end, he chose wrong. He’s been paying for that choice ever since, constantly moving, traveling across the planet in an attempt to hide. But everyone knows there’s no such thing as escape from a regular Brumal member if they want you, let alone from one of the Three.

Odin Snow, the Dominus of the Snow family, had everything taken from him ten years ago.

He’s clawed his way ruthlessly back to the top, reclaiming his family name and their rightful place amongst the Brumal. Mostly. There’s still his step-brother to deal with, Isa Frost, the orchestrator of everything unfortunate that has ever happened to Odin. And then there’s Hunter. As teens, Odin had looked up to the older boy, had even maybe cared for him, but all that’d got him was a bullet to the shoulder and months’ worth of bedrest while Isa stripped away his title and family home. Now that he’s found Hunter again, Odin isn’t above using old feelings to get what he wants. The plan is to use Hunter to get under Isa’s skin. Odin wants them hurting the same way he hurt. He wants to see them bleed. At least, that’s what he always believed. But what happens when it turns out what he really wants is Hunter in his bed, at his mercy in a different way?

On a planet ruled by criminals, does Hunter have a hope of escape, or will he be consumed by the very flames Odin Snow is famous for controlling?

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    You Will Never Know (A Whisper in the Dark #1)

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