These Monstrous Deeds

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These Monstrous Deeds
Author: T.J. Hamel
Average Rating: 4.33
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How long can someone play the role of a monster before becoming a monster themselves?

That’s the question that’s haunted Travis Kenton – A.K.A. Nathan Roarke – for the last 8 years. He’s hanging onto his humanity by a thread, reading file after file of innocent people who have been stolen and sold into the sex trade before bed every night just to be able to sleep. It’s the only way he can live with himself during this underground operation. The knowledge that he’ll save thousands of victims one of these days is the reason he gave up his entire life, his entire identity, nearly a decade ago. It has to be worth it. All of this has to be worth it.

Then the operation’s integrity is compromised, the identity of his boss revealed, and his boss’s younger brother is captured by a slave trader for revenge. Now Travis will face his biggest test of his role as Nathan Roarke. He’ll have to buy and convincingly own Carter Beckett until his undercover operation is over and he can hand Carter safely back to his big brother.

How long can someone play the role of a monster before becoming a monster themselves?

Travis is about to find out.

*** Due to the nature of the plot, this book contains scenes that some might find triggering and/or disturbing, as well as explicit sex scenes between the main characters. I’ve included the warnings I feel are the most important, but not all could be covered without giving away too much of the novel.
*** This is book 1 in a 3 book series. This series DOES end in a HAPPY ENDING if you’re willing to stick around ***

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    These Monstrous Deeds

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