The RA’s Dorm

December 6, 2023SusyQ918

The RA’s Dorm
Author: Heath Grayson
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Longtime friend takes control in his dorm room – RAs always have the authority.

I’ve known David my whole life. We went to school together from kindergarten till university, where we’re both currently seniors. He’s this overly optimistic goody-goody, class president, president of the LGBTQI+ Alliance, an RA – the kind of clean-cut guy parents and teachers love. That’s who I thought David was. Until one day, alone in my room, I came across a video of him, naked and enjoying himself. It was shocking. I never knew my old friend had such a mean streak, or what a cash master was.

Seeing David take his clothes off, revealing that tall, smooth, muscular body below his clean-shaven, handsome face, and his signature black, thick-framed glasses, brought some, uh, things up. But how he talked to his followers and ordered them to send him money … had me taking matters into my own hand. Watching David command, demand and degrade had me sweating, and throbbing. I never saw myself as submissive, but David’s total domination, perfect body, and large hanging assets left me a wet sticky mess.

The clarity that came after, along with the discomfort with what I’d just done watching my oldest friend, made me want to take David down a peg. He wasn’t this wholesome paragon of the community; he was demanding men send him money online and degrading them while doing it! I’m sure it’s all an act. It must be, right? No one who’s that much of a goody-goody could ever really be like that in real life. I hope my plan to expose him goes well. What’s the worst that can happen?

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    The RA’s Dorm

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