The Naiad’s Gift

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The Naiad’s Gift
Author: Isabel Murray
Average Rating: 4.23
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Your value is in your beauty. It is your weapon and your worth. You are powerful but you are alone. You are one against them all, so choose your human lovers wisely. Never let them catch you, or you will suffer.

Sayan’s naiad mother taught him well. He has lived for uncountable centuries, following her rules and roaming the perimeter of his vast northern lake. He takes a lover once, and he never looks back. Until he meets Erik.

You need someone to care for, Erik. Someone who craves your attention like he needs it to live, who wants only you. Someone who drives you wild with passion.

Erik Arnesson’s husband died five years ago and Erik hasn’t been the same since. His life is empty, and so is his heart. No one wants a sad forty-something man who can’t perform in the bedroom—at least in Erik’s bitter experience—so he has decided to cut his losses and move on. He leaves the city behind and moves to a cabin beside a remote lake, where he expects to spend the rest of his life in peace and solitude. And then he meets Sayan.

Erik can’t give Sayan what he wants, but somehow it doesn’t seem to matter. Sayan should stay away, but somehow he can’t. Why does it feel like they were made for each other, when Sayan is immortal and Erik is just a human?

The Naiad’s Gift is a quiet fantasy romance between the loneliest naiad in the world who thinks he knows all there is to know about seduction, and the widowed and weary ex-merchant who has a thing or two to teach him on their way to a (very) happily ever after.

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    The Naiad’s Gift

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