The Carnal Games (The Carnal Continuum, #1)

September 5, 2023SusyQ918
The Carnal Games (The Carnal Continuum, #1)

The Carnal Games (The Carnal Continuum, #1)
Author: Naudii Nebula
Pages: 308
Average Rating: 4.26
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Compelled to compete in a twisted game, two deadly enemies will meet their fated revenge.

They will either kill each other or, worse…

Fall in love.

But only one can leave the arena alive.

In The Carnal Games, the rules are simple: fight, conquer, win. Above all else, entertain.

Warning: The Carnal Games contain dark themes, full-throttle sci-fi action, a hostile Lolita Island-style planet, political intrigue, and a slow-burn romance with a promised HEA.

Get your copy and join The Carnal Games today.

Please preview the content warnings on the author’s website for potential triggers.

*This book may release before the pre-order date.

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    The Carnal Games (The Carnal Continuum, #1)

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