Tainted (Broken Boys, #4)

December 5, 2023SusyQ918

Tainted (Broken Boys, #4)
Author: Zane Menzy
Average Rating: 4.12
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Mike Freeman is only days away from officially becoming the property of Jockey Savage. The shy teen is equally excited and scared for what their journey will bring, but Mike knows in his heart that he made the right decision to sign the sex contract giving his friend ownership of his body.

However, Jockey is letting slip certain expectations regarding their future arrangement that has Mike feeling anxious. Sexy, dubious things that will force Mike to swallow more than just his pride. He’s also unsure how he feels about Jockey trying to get revenge on Damian Takarangi—the man who left Mike with an unenviable label.

But these worries pale in comparison to Mike’s latest problem. He’s finally realised that he might still have a crush on someone he shouldn’t—the man who helped raise him!Can he resist all these forbidden temptations, or will he just find himself becoming more tainted?

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Socially inept carebear with sassy tendencies.

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    Tainted (Broken Boys, #4)

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