Something Unintended (Split Rock Ranch #1.5)

December 25, 2023SusyQ918

Something Unintended (Split Rock Ranch #1.5)
Author: Rory Maxwell
Average Rating: 4.34
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After his boyfriend ruins graduation day by dumping him—over text!—Eli decides to go solo on the Pride week vacation they’d planned to take together. His first night there, a smoking-hot bartender rescues him from some unwanted attention…then sticks around. Rebound flings aren’t usually Eli’s style, but what better time than his first Pride week to try something new?

Strings-free hookups are the only kind of relationships Hunter goes for these days. As a bartender—especially during Split Rock’s Pride celebration—he doesn’t have any problem finding people to be with. But he’s tempted to break his own rules for a pretty boy who’s only in town for the week. Their tastes line up perfectly, and Hunter finds himself straying from his usual pattern with Eli. It’s nothing to worry about, though. Eli’s on the rebound and Hunter doesn’t do repeats. They can have some fun and both walk away satisfied.

What happens during Pride week stays at Pride week. Right?

Something Unintended is a 22k novella in the Split Rock Ranch universe. It includes an age gap, size difference, and some very spicy Daddy kink. It can be read as a stand-alone story. It was originally a part of the MM Romance Class of 22/23 Event. There have been no changes to the content.

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    Something Unintended (Split Rock Ranch #1.5)

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