Sold to the Centaurs (Sold to the Centaurs, #1)

October 29, 2023SusyQ918

Sold to the Centaurs (Sold to the Centaurs, #1)
Author: Lydia Sebastian
Average Rating: 3.69
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In times of war, you do what you have to do to survive…

When Connor left his village to join the war against the dark monsters of the woods, he didn’t expect the greatest danger to come from his own side.

Captured by people-smugglers and taken to the untamed wilds between the lands of man and monster, Connor soon finds himself tied up for the pleasure of anyone with coin to spare– human or not.

When three centaur warriors decide to blow off some steam with a human plaything, Connor finds himself at the mercy of the very creatures he’d set out to fight.

Even worse, he’s starting to enjoy it…

This 12,000 word story involves multiple partners, explicit M/M scenes, and dark themes. For adult readers only!

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    Sold to the Centaurs (Sold to the Centaurs, #1)

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