Sins of the Flesh: Forbidden Omegaverse book 4

December 15, 2023SusyQ918

Sins of the Flesh: Forbidden Omegaverse book 4
Author: Evangeline Anderson
Average Rating: 3.98
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My name is Zoe and I have committed Sins of the Flesh. But it’s not my fault—none of it would have happened if they hadn’t kidnapped me that fateful day…

They took me and my mother and forced us to become part of their Pack. I didn’t even know I had Were blood until they took us. But then my body started changing—developing in ways it never had before. I started having cravings…longings. But I wasn’t allowed to look at any of the Alphas. My cruel new stepfather had plans for me—I would marry another Pack Master—a ugly, evil man, old enough to be my grandfather. And until then, my stepbrothers, Christopher and Gabriel were supposed to watch over me.

I felt a tingle when they held me between them, but my stepbrothers weren’t supposed to touch me—their whole job was to keep me innocent and pure. I was supposed to be a virgin on my wedding night. They were sent to deliver me to my new husband—but we were forced off the road and taken as prisoners.

The cartel leader who took us holds a grudge against my stepfather. At first he wanted to execute us all…but when he saw the three of us together, he got other ideas. He wanted to us to put on a private show, just for him and to do things…things a girl should never do with her stepbrothers.

Can the three of us escape the clutches of the cartel and the vengeance of the Pack to find true love together? You’ll have to read our story in this Dark Ménage Romance, Sins of the Flesh , to find out.

*Author’s Note–please see trigger warnings in my Author’s note inside the book. This is a DARK Romance so please read responsibly.

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    Sins of the Flesh: Forbidden Omegaverse book 4

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