Shared by the Aliens (Viraxian Mates #1)

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Shared by the Aliens (Viraxian Mates #1)

Shared by the Aliens (Viraxian Mates #1)
Author: Ren Hardwick
Average Rating: 4.07
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Five years ago, the moon was destroyed in an asteroid strike, upending life on Earth as the planet became more and more uninhabitable. Two years ago, the viraxians arrived with a ship large enough to replace the lost moon. In exchange for saving Earth, they asked for one thing: human women.

Rayna is tired of struggling. She’s tired of being hungry, scared, and alone. So she does what few women have been willing to do–she signs up for the viraxian breeding program. Assigned to three big viraxian males, Rayna expects nothing but a safe bed and regular meals in exchange for the use of her body. But when their arrangement of convenience evolves into something deeper, Rayna and her males must fight to protect their newfound happiness.

Publisher’s Note: Shared by the Aliens is an extremely high heat romance with sex scenes involving one human woman and three alien males. It includes depictions of MF and MM sex within a group (MFMM) dynamic.

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    Shared by the Aliens (Viraxian Mates #1)

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