Rushing into Love (Bellport #1)

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Rushing into Love (Bellport #1)

Rushing into Love (Bellport #1)
Author: A.W. Scott
Average Rating: 4.18
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It seemed like a good idea at the time.

Jake loves hockey. Like really, really loves hockey. Since he has more money than he knows what to do with, he decides the best course of action is to build his very own team. The plan goes smoothly up until he needs to replace a couple of players and he decides the best way to do so is with his two favorites in the league. Only problem – they are lifelong rivals who hate each other.

Maddox has played for the Winnipeg Maple Leafs since draft day. He’s built a comfortable, albeit lonely, life playing the game he loves. Things change drastically when he’s told he’s been traded out of the blue. He has to start over and find a new sort of normal while building camaraderie with his teammates. Shouldn’t be too hard for a nice guy like him.

Leon is a hotheaded hockey superstar. He lives and breathes the game. When he finds out he’s been traded, his temper nearly gets the best of him. He reins it in long enough to get his essentials packed for the trip from Dallas to Bellport, per the new team’s instructions.

When Maddox and Leon discover they’ve not only been traded to the same team, but that the owner is an adorably naughty boy needing a Daddy (or two) things get decidedly more complicated. Can these two rivals learn to work together in the name of love? Will Jake’s mischievous plans pay off by giving him the men he’s obsessed over for far too long?

Rushing into Love is an MMM romance featuring a bratty boy who loves to stir-the-pot and the two Daddies who work to keep up with him. It will feature characters from A Little Finn and Hear Me. This is a standalone, though you might find the experience more enjoyable if you read those books first.

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    Rushing into Love (Bellport #1)

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