Omega’s Shadow (Alphas of Ravenstone #1)

November 29, 2023SusyQ918

Omega’s Shadow (Alphas of Ravenstone #1)
Author: Claire Cullen
Average Rating: 4.13
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Ordinary guy by day and protector of the city by night, Chris hides his true self from everyone. Even the omega he’s fallen for. But when Julian becomes the target of a dangerous shifter, Chris must risk it all to save him.

Being an omega should define Julian’s life. In truth, it’s barely a footnote. He’s long abandoned his dream of being swept off his feet by an alpha. Instead, he devotes his life to his little café and the people who frequent it. Especially Chris, the handsome social worker who’s oblivious to Julian’s flirting.

Chris is juggling three identities—community worker, wealthy bachelor, and alpha shifter. There’s no room in his life for love, not with the secrets he’s hiding. And then there’s Julian, the omega of his dreams. If he knew Chris was really the Raven Wolf, so-called menace of the city, he’d run a mile.

When Julian is attacked on his walk home and saved by a huge wolf, his whole world changes. Chris steps up to help keep him safe, and Julian acquires a shadow in the form of the Raven Wolf. And now he’s got another problem—he’s falling for both of them.

Omega’s Shadow is a m/m shifter romance and the first book in the Alphas of Ravenstone series. It contains mpreg (though it’s more of a focus in later books), mature themes, and scenes not suitable for readers under the age of eighteen.

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    Omega’s Shadow (Alphas of Ravenstone #1)

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