Omega’s Secret Lovers (Under Siege, #3)

December 23, 2023SusyQ918

Omega’s Secret Lovers (Under Siege, #3)
Author: Aiden Bates
Average Rating: 4.24
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Two omegas looking for their alpha…

Oliver and Mitch are ready to have it all, but to start a family they need an alpha at their sides and when they meet Marcos Acosta, they know he’s the man for them. He’s a brooding protector who needs someone to look out for his heart, a heart that just might be big enough to love two omegas and the bundle of joy they want to create.

The omegas are his haven…

Marcos has spent three years in purgatory at his brother’s bedside. He can’t move on when Pedro is in a coma. But Mitch’s wicked sense of humor and Oliver’s easy affection make him feel like a different man. They’re bringing him back to life, little by little, and with two omegas he might be ready to step out of the hospital and into a life he never dreamed of.

Then a blast from the past threatens to ruin everything: Oliver’s career, Marcos’ brother, and Mitch’s chance at a happy ending. The three men will need to trust in each other and their bond if they are going to see their way through to their future together.

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    Omega’s Secret Lovers (Under Siege, #3)

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