My Step-Brother Breaks Me In (Rough Men Book 5)

December 23, 2023SusyQ918

My Step-Brother Breaks Me In (Rough Men Book 5)
Author: V.L. Vance
Average Rating: 3.88
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“Sam.” He put down his beer in the depression built into the side of the hot tub and closed the distance between us. I watched as he did so numbly, my body sluggish and heavy feeling, my heart beating in my chest, my lungs burning in my chest. “Sam.” His hands were under the water tracing up the sides of my thighs. Gentle, not like my brother. Not like how my brother usually touched me.

Sam hasn’t seen his step-brother since he left the country for the military four years ago. Now he’s back, but he’s different. He’s bigger than Sam remembers. Sam has changed too, changing from a skinny, gawky kid into an athletic stud with biceps that could crack walnuts.

Daryl comes back one summer night and Sam realizes he can’t stop looking at his hot, army-built step-brother. Sam hides his taboo feelings. They grew up together!

When Daryl feels the same way and actively pursues Sam, what could happen next?

They say that blood is thicker than water. Daryl has something even thicker than that. Find out what happens to Sam when his big step-brother comes home.

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    My Step-Brother Breaks Me In (Rough Men Book 5)

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