MMMM Locker Room

December 10, 2023SusyQ918

MMMM Locker Room
Author: Edward Raines
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If you want to stay on the team, you’d better get on your knees…

When college freshman Justin joins the soccer team, he learns quickly that his new teammates have little patience for losers. The blonde eighteen year-old is ready to prove himself, but nothing seems to be going right for him since his first practice. When he hears a rumor that if the team loses a game, the freshmen players are expected to engage in a hazing tradition, Justin doesn’t believe it. But when the first game comes and goes, and the team loses, Justin finds out very fast how true that rumor was.

If he wants to keep his spot on the team, he and the other three freshman soccer players will have to prove that they belong in the locker room. Unfortunately, that requires participating in the wildest act of his life, and all while the team watches…

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Socially inept carebear with sassy tendencies.

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    MMMM Locker Room

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