Married to My Best Friend

December 17, 2023SusyQ918

Married to My Best Friend
Author: Riley Hart
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Alex has been my best friend since we were two. We do everything together, which is why I felt…weird when at sixteen I found out he’s gay. How can Alex be something I’m not?

But now he’s getting married…to a guy he’s been engaged to for three months…in Vegas, which isn’t Alex’s style.

Luckily, they realize what a mistake this would be and the ceremony doesn’t happen. Hungover, Alex and I go on his honeymoon together where we discover a wedding did go down, and I’m now married to my best friend.

Did I mention I’m straight?

But if that’s true, why do I love the idea of being married to him? Why do I want to touch him, kiss him, and never let go?

Looks like I’m actually bi and maybe I’ve been in love with Alex all along.

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    Married to My Best Friend

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