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Hostile Secret: Giovanni & India Duet (Souza Cartel #5)

December 23, 2023SusyQ918

Hostile Secret: Giovanni & India Duet (Souza Cartel #5)
Author: Autumn Archer
Average Rating: 4.63
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His twin treats me like a kid sister. It would be wrong to tempt the lethal hitman tasked with protecting me, to tease his darkness…and even worse if he claimed my innocence.

After my teenage life falls apart, my brother’s best friend––a notorious Miami cartel boss, takes me under his wing. Having grown up around the drug lord means he calls me familia.

I belong to the cartel.

However, in his absence, he recruits his unsociable twin to watch over me, forcing us together.

But Giovanni Souza is a lone wolf. A natural born killer. And now he’s my babysitter.

So, when I find myself trapped in his private residence, where haunting noises fill the empty rooms and he appears in my locked bedroom unannounced, I start to think I’d never leave Blackwater Manor alive.

Except our obsessive desire festers and grows with every forbidden glance. Once I come of age, his restraint finally snaps and we both surrender to the palpable chemistry. And then he does something completely out of character—just for me.

Only time will tell if the risk was worth it.

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    Hostile Secret: Giovanni & India Duet (Souza Cartel #5)

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