Gentlemen Make the Best Prisoners

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Gentlemen Make the Best Prisoners
Author: Theodore Bradshaw
Average Rating: 3.93
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Lord Louis Earlshope has always lived a privileged yet boring life. Having hardly anything in his twenty years to complain about, save for bouts of ennui or the occasional hangnail, he dreams of adventure and romance…so long as he can obtain it without dirtying his waistcoat.

But he learns to be careful what he wishes for when his luxurious lifestyle is suddenly torn away after meeting a mysterious man referred to only as “The General” under unfortunate circumstances.

Jack Sterling is as enigmatic as he is handsome. With his black whiskers and one eye, he’s returned to England to get his revenge on Louis’s father for wronging him many years ago. How lucky, then, to find the sole heir of the Earlshope family name traveling alone and unattended…

Too bad Jack isn’t as experienced with kidnapping as he assumed, and Louis certainly isn’t the easiest charge to handle. As they make their way across the countryside of England, encountering old friends, fellow kidnapped nobles, and flamboyant underworld revelers, Jack and Louis can’t help but feel sparks fly as they bicker and resist one another at every chance.

But all is not as it seems, and the attraction the two men feel for one another might ruin them both if they aren’t careful.

Can a jaded man forgive the family who ruined him? Can a noble learn to love his kidnapper? Are gentlemen, after all, the best prisoners to take?

Read on in this feisty Victorian comedy of manners, featuring an age-gap MM romance, a snobby protagonist, a brooding anti-hero, and a guaranteed happy ever after!

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    Gentlemen Make the Best Prisoners

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