Fake and Don’t Tell

October 31, 2023SusyQ918

Fake and Don’t Tell
Author: Rebel Bloom
Average Rating: 4.32
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My ex-boyfriend is meeting my cousin at the altar. My solution?
Persuading one of my three BFFs to be my fake date…

My name is Poppy Jo Summers, and I’ve broken the golden
Never sleep with any of your best friends, let alone all three of them.

My proposition seemed innocent enough.
One of them would be my fake date for my evil cousin’s wedding.
In return, I’d do a favor for all three of them. No big deal, right?

Except Jude needed a fake date to his company’s party; to my surprise, Mr. hot-as-sin CEO couldn’t keep his eyes or hands off me the entire night.

Then Cyrus took me out so I could teach him how to be more romantic. Stubborn, dominant, and built like a tank, the only lesson I learned from him was that romance can be overrated.

And when my charming next-door neighbor Sam agreed to a double date so I could set him up with a co-worker, I burned up in flames when it was my thigh he grabbed under the table.

We hadn’t just broken our rules, we’d thrown them out and crossed the line from fake to real.
And with my heart on lockdown from my ex; I know this is a dangerous game to play.
I might think I’m broken now, but I would shatter like glass if I ever lost my three best friends…

18+ Only. Fake and Don’t Tell is an extra spicy laugh-out-loud why choose romance. HEA guaranteed!

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    Fake and Don’t Tell

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