Dragon’s Dusk (To Kill a King, #2)

October 19, 2023SusyQ918

Dragon’s Dusk (To Kill a King, #2)
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I have been a runt, a disappointment, and a monster. Now, I am simply a man.

This wouldn’t be so strange, if yesterday, I weren’t a dragon.

Locked away and isolated after a vicious attack left a princess blind, my greatest joy has been my bonded rider, Kostya.

My Kostya is a prince with the weight of a kingdom on his shoulders. When his world begins to crumble, a witch offers me the chance to escape my cell and stand beside him.

But on two legs, without my scales and claws, Kostya doesn’t recognize me. He fears his dragon was stolen, and when suspicion turns my way, I learn that there are prisons darker and more dangerous than a dragon pen.

A little very big dragon finds his voice, two legs, and some delightful human appendages beyond in this MM high fantasy romance, featuring: one forlorn dragon-riding prince, a dragon who just wants to kiss the boy, two incredibly self-sacrificing doofuses, a road to pain paved with all the best intentions, and a plot to upend a kingdom.

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    Dragon’s Dusk (To Kill a King, #2)

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