Contractually Yours: A Hot Bite story

December 16, 2023SusyQ918

Contractually Yours: A Hot Bite story
Author: Sarah Honey
Average Rating: 3.91
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A Hot Bite story

Nate just signed up to take a werewolf lover. Hottest. Summer. Ever.

The Shiftercorp Companion Program—where willing humans can sign up to offer their services as a werewolf ‘companion’ for the summer, and be generously compensated for their time and services.

Perth local Nathan Watson is young, single and loves sex, so it makes sense to apply to spend his summer as a shifter’s lover. He’s thrilled when he’s accepted by Shiftercorp, but when the werewolf he chose as his partner is no longer available, a mysterious stranger steps up to claim his contract.

Nate is cautious, but agrees to at least meet the wolf in question—and when he does? Sign him up. Cooper Hudson is drop-dead gorgeous, compelling and irresistible, and Nate can’t keep his hands off him. His only concern is that Cooper’s obviously hiding something about who he is and what he does. Still, Nate’s almost certain Cooper isn’t an underworld boss.
Well, sixty-percent certain.

When Cooper Hudson saw Nate’s profile, he wanted him. And while it probably wasn’t strictly ethical to use his position to claim Nate as his companion, Cooper’s looking forward to flying to Western Australia and spending time with this gorgeous boy. He expects a pleasant summer fling—no more, no less.

Then he meets Nate, and the chemistry between them is scorching. Cooper falls hard—and recognises Nate as his true mate. Now he just has to figure out how to tell him. Oh, and there’s the small matter of what, exactly, Cooper does for a living.

But he’s sure it’ll be fine.


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    Contractually Yours: A Hot Bite story

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