Bounty and Bone (Monsters in My Bed #5)

July 31, 2023SusyQ918
Bounty and Bone (Monsters in My Bed #5)

Bounty and Bone (Monsters in My Bed #5)
Author: L. Eveland
Average Rating: 4.50
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My disciplinary file at ESCU is almost as thick as my personnel file, which is saying something since I’ve been working for them for more than twenty years. I do the jobs no one else wants, go places no one is supposed to go to deal with monsters that don’t exist. After a while, you get a feel for how a mission’s going to go, and I have a feeling this next one is going to be fifty shades of FUBAR.

And not just because my new partner, Ziggy, is last night’s one-night stand.

Whom I may have accidentally married…

He’s a furry blue monster with big dreams and an even bigger heart. We’re supposed to be locating an escaped monster and the AWOL soldier who broke him out. I can’t afford to complicate our working relationship with feelings , especially given how my last relationship ended.

For better or worse we’re stuck together until I can figure out how to undo this, which is just as well considering everything I know about ESCU might be a lie.

Bounty and Bone is the fifth book in the Monsters in My Bed series, an MM monster romance series which should be read in order.

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    Bounty and Bone (Monsters in My Bed #5)

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