Ben (Unexpected #8)

December 20, 2023SusyQ918

Ben (Unexpected #8)
Author: Cora Rose
Average Rating: 3.98
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It’s often said that everything is impossible until it’s done.
And while I’ve always known my infatuation with Cash and Ford was meant to remain an unfulfilled dream, I never really lost hope.
Hope that the two men, twice my age, would ever see me as more than just a kid. As more than just their best friend’s son.
But I’m not a kid anymore, and at twenty-one, they’re about to see that little meek and quiet Ben is old enough for many things. Old enough to finally attract their attention. And frankly, old enough to know better. To know that these stolen touches and lustful trysts behind closed doors could never really amount to more.
Because everything will crumble as soon as Cash, Ford, and my father find out what I’ve been up to. That I’ve been keeping secrets from them all.
I can’t possibly keep them both.
I can’t keep them at all.
I know our love is impossible.
But, god help me, when has that ever stopped me?

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    Ben (Unexpected #8)

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